Student Engagement in The Design of Innovative Teaching and Learning Spaces

The high level engagement of students with faculty members was one of the most exciting and important aspects of the recent Learning Space Design Forum.

We first gained in depth and insightful views from students interviewed by Rae Karimjee, and four students went on to participate in the event. It is clear that City students care deeply about the design of physical learning spaces, and are informed about current learning space innovations. We can trust our students to tell us what they need, then of course if practical put their ideas into action.

Central to one of our forum activities was taking the 7 principles (Chickering and Gamson) for high engagement teaching and learning, and applying these to designing innovative spaces at City.


Encourages contact between student and faculty

Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students

Encourages active learning

Gives prompt feedback

Emphasises time on task

Communicates high expectations

Respects diverse talents and ways of learning


Practical and innovative design ideas put forwards by all the participants are now proposed to be piloted in two designated teaching spaces. This is a huge opportunity to try out a different kind of teaching and learning space, that is ultimately based on the combined thinking of both students and front line staff.



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