Month: January 2012

New communities, spaces and places: inspiring futures for higher education

Each year the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) holds an annual conference for its members, with a dedicated preceding conference for members who are newer HE researchers. Having helped co-ordinate Newer Researcher events over 2011, along with colleagues Patrick Baughan (from City) and Saranne Weller (from Kings College London), this was the first…Continue Reading New communities, spaces and places: inspiring futures for higher education

Communication, Curriculums and Karen.

Case study: Communication in Curriculum Design . Karen Rawlings-Anderson. Senior Lecturer. School of Health Sciences. Karen has recently taken on the role of leading the design of the new curriculum to be delivered across the nursing programs starting in September¬† 2012. This mammoth task has required the coordination of input from a large number of…Continue Reading Communication, Curriculums and Karen.

Top tips on making your lectures count!

With a sea of distant heads in front of you bowed over their notes it can be very difficult to tell whether your lectures are working well or not. Students will not answer questions so you cannot tell if they understand. The normal clues are missing and the normal informal methods of finding out do…Continue Reading Top tips on making your lectures count!

Integrated Flexible Learning Spaces

Working on the current Learning spaces project has stimulated further thinking about current developments in Learning Spaces. My work with students at City has also led me to think it vital that students have a designated integrated learning space, to help them with individual project and team working. Students across all schools share a need…Continue Reading Integrated Flexible Learning Spaces