New Models for Teaching in HE Working Group

At City University, London we are developing more and more flexible learning spaces.  Increasingly academics are using pedagogic models that enhance learning by utilising the learning technologies we have and focus on interactivity, collaboration and participation.  We have a number of smaller flexible learning spaces, but how does this work with larger groups?

The Educational Technology Community (ETC) is putting together a working group with the title ‘New models for teaching in HE’ run by Kate Reader and Farzana Latif.  Their remit will be to produce a report for ETC, Learning Spaces Group and SLE Strategy and Governance that will detail a range of evaluated case studies and examples from across all the schools that explore new models for teaching with a focus on alternatives to large group teaching.  The aim of this report will be to help better inform Property and Facilities and the University in terms of room modeling for the future.

There will also be an opportunity to share these case studies and give feedback about large lecture spaces at the Learning at City Conference and Exhibition this summer.

To get involved in the working group, share your case study or recommend a colleague with a case study to share, please get in touch with Kate Reader or Farzana Latif.

Design Council Archive, University of Brighton, 1951
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