Month: April 2013

Reflective Practitioner Exhibition

It was an honour to be invited to the exhibition showcasing and engaging guests with students’ work on ‘The Reflective Practitioner’ module as part of BSc Management and BSc Business.  Angela Dove, the module leader, working in conjunction with the students and other supporters put on this year’s exhibition in the newly refurbished Drysdale Lecture…Continue Reading Reflective Practitioner Exhibition

Its a cut and paste job.

One of the more challenging aspects of our work as educators is how we develop students understanding of plagiarism. At the beginning of the year, you may have felt that you have appropriately outlined your expectations to your students in terms of plagiarism. You may even have called in the expert librarians to help run…Continue Reading Its a cut and paste job.

Moodle 2: A personal MyMoodle

MyMoodle is staff and students very own private learning space in Moodle.    The aim of MyMoodle is to provide staff and students with a personalised page which helps organise modules and activities within them. These activities could include unread forum posts, upcoming assignments and/or quizzes. MyMoodle, if used to its fullest potential, could be…Continue Reading Moodle 2: A personal MyMoodle

Showcasing the Best of Educational Technologies

Cass Business Schooll

To help welcome the arrival of the improved, enhanced, and new educational technologies that the Educational Technology Community has been working on as part of the University’s Strategic Plan, Cass Business School is holding a Showcase on 7 May to which all City University London staff are invited. Their Teaching and Learning Showcase is an…Continue Reading Showcasing the Best of Educational Technologies

Back to life, back to ….

Hello! I was asked to write an “inaugural” welcome back post so here it is. The title was going to say “back to life, back to reality” but then work can sometimes seem like an alternate “reality” 😉  What with the rather bizarre weather sometimes I feel like I’m entering Narnia. It is good to…Continue Reading Back to life, back to ….

Flipped Classroom Infographic

Infographics are excellent ways to communicate information.  This one explains the origins and usefulness of the flipped classroom.  The concept appears to be simple and is enabled by the recent increased availability of video.  Significantly the aim is to improve student learning by creating a face-to-face learning experience that is tailored to student needs, collaborative…Continue Reading Flipped Classroom Infographic

Automated essay grading software

Are we trying to replace academics with robots?  Is the underlying mission of e-learning to do away with expensive humans and use much cheaper electronic alternatives?  This has been a fear within universities and the arrival of automated assessment technology by a US non-profit company called EdX will compound this anxiety.  This software is able…Continue Reading Automated essay grading software

Why a Studio? A workshop on Innovative Learning Space at Copenhagen Business School

Imagine a suite of spaces, specifically designed for and dedicated to exploring, trying out, developing and sharing innovative teaching ideas. Where you can work with a small group of colleagues for a couple of hours, or run a whole day or even a week long event.  Where you could bring a cohort of say 50…Continue Reading Why a Studio? A workshop on Innovative Learning Space at Copenhagen Business School

Large scale student-student-lecturer Interaction using clickers

One of the more exciting developments in Higher Education has been the way in which learning spaces can now be transformed into an interactive fora where students are able to engage with one another in a constructive dialogue. This can take place even in a large lecture space. This can be achieved by using the…Continue Reading Large scale student-student-lecturer Interaction using clickers