Node chair renaming

A number of learning spaces now sport node chairs.   These chairs are on castors and can be moved around the room.  It has a tray underneath for storing bags and a tray at lap height for computers/tablets/smartphones/books/papers.  The chairs can be used individually or pushed together to enable pair or group work.  Unfortunately ‘node’ doesn’t really express what a node chair does and timetabling report that over the phone ‘node chairs’ can be misheard as ‘no chairs’ and cause confusion.  So, the LDC are asking for feedback to rename the node chairs.

Here are some current suggestions – do you have any ideas for node chair names?

  • i-chair
  • Dalek chairs
  • Plastic fantastic
  • Davros
  • Smart chair
  • Cocoons
  • Hoover

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3 thoughts on “Node chair renaming

    1. Ah yes – thanks Mike. Just had a look and I think a bucket chair is already an actual type of chair so this could be confusing.

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