Moodle 2 New features

As has been promised in earlier posts, Moodle 2 is on its way to us as our newly improved learning environment. This upgrade will see the release of new features which have been identified as priorities by users using a range of agile and rigorous testing techniques. I’d like to provide a brief overview of three exciting new features in this post.
  1. Drag and drop one or more files directly from your desktop into a Moodle course. You will be able to add documents much faster into your modules this way.
  2. Students will be able to monitor their own progress and staff can review progress of students activities through enabling activity completion in the module. Once enabled, this could be a helpful tool to help students facilitate their own self-directed learning. This feature also gives staff the ability to set criteria that must be met for a course to be considered completed. This feature works best when combined with activity completion criteria.
  3. Scaffold learning progress by making access to resources or activities conditional upon meeting set criteria. Conditional release allows you to restrict access to activities and resources based on certain conditions: time, grades, users or activity completion. For example, an instructor could post a quiz for students to complete and then post an extra credit activity to be released only after students have completed the initial quiz.
The upgrade will better the offering currently provided to staff and students at City University London. Our educational technology teams are currently drawing up a programme of guidance, support and localised sessions in your schools. Want to find out more please contact your local ed. tech teams.
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