Month: April 2013

Contribute to the vignettes blog

Are you involved in educational research at City University London?  Are you involved in educational development?  Have you made positive educational changes to your course?  Or perhaps you’d like to share an opinion or finding around educational development?  We would like to invite you to participate in the Educational Vignettes blog.  Take a look at…Continue Reading Contribute to the vignettes blog

Node chair renaming

A number of learning spaces now sport node chairs.   These chairs are on castors and can be moved around the room.  It has a tray underneath for storing bags and a tray at lap height for computers/tablets/smartphones/books/papers.  The chairs can be used individually or pushed together to enable pair or group work.  Unfortunately ‘node’ doesn’t…Continue Reading Node chair renaming

Teaching Excellence Project

City University London is one of the institutions taking part in the a Higher Education Academy change academy programme focused on Recognising Teaching Excellence. The programme provides the opportunity for a team to examine a range of issues around this topic with other institutions and the support of critical friends and experts. The team from City…Continue Reading Teaching Excellence Project

Traditional versus radical change in education

According to two articles in Times Higher Education change is moving both too fast and too slow as these quotes demonstrate: “Many students will “defend to the death” the need for traditional campus-based lectures, and will only delve into the world of free online educational resources if instructed to by their teachers, a conference has…Continue Reading Traditional versus radical change in education