You said we listened: Moodle 2 features delivers a better learning experience

Drag and Drop and a new activity feed are just some of the new features that you asked for in Moodle 2. Testing has been meticulous and has included all schools. With confidence therefore, we are able to showcase these new features at the learning at City conference this year. I will provide you with snippets of what will be on offer. I also look back at Cass Business School’s recent teaching and learning showcase where students had been invited to feedback on their experiences of using Moodle.

Reflections on CASS Showcase 2013

Cass who recently held their teaching and learning showcase were able to provide hand-on sessions to experience new features available in the coming academic year. Early feedback suggests attendees felt encouraged to explore the “exciting new tools in Moodle”, use the system “more imaginatively”, and reflect on the need to make their use of Moodle more “consistent, dynamic, and meaningful”. You can find out more about Cass through their blog link.

Cass students from the final year programme delivered a presentation on results of students recommendations of using Moodle. Survey results were obtained from 83 students in a final year Cass Undergraduate programme on Moodle specifically around core topics, assessment & feedback and use of communication and collaboration tools. These were interesting results as the student cohort had been using Moodle for the last three years. In summary, students asked for better group collaboration, greater links with timetables and moodle being more mobile friendly. Recommendations were provided for greater tutor input in the use of Moodle, an aggregated system that helps a students ease in access, consistency in all modules, using moodle rather then email for assessment submissions and and more forum use with active tutor and peer input. Students also recommend using Moodle for group work. Its worth watching as its an interesting presentation run by students from Cass Business School. Here is the link.

Moodle 2 Exhibition Thursday 6th June 2013

Our fifth annual learning at City conference is less then two weeks away! So if you haven’t signed up, now’s the time to do so. Here is the link for signing up. The full programme is linked here. With that date looming, here’s a sneak preview of what our Educational teams will be sharing with you that relates particularly to Moodle 2. There will be an exhibition space for Moodle and Educational Technologies. This will take a look at the new features that Moodle 2 will offer. So items such as our new video compatibility tools, new My Moodle, drag and drop, timed release, marking guides, mobile readiness and many more will be available to view and try out. Further workshops on simulated reality, use of online badges for employability, creative learning spaces and use of videos in teaching and learning will be on hand for those looking for innovations to try out in the curricula.

If you would like to get a glimpse of what our keynote Professor Diana Laurillard will be covering then watch the video.



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One thought on “You said we listened: Moodle 2 features delivers a better learning experience

  1. Hi Rae, this is a really useful blog posting about the new Moodle version, which I feel enthusiastic about after learning more at the Teaching and Learning event at Cass. The presentation by students at this event was excellent and very informative for teachers who want to get the low down on the reality of how students feel about Moodle.

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