Month: July 2013

Laptop Lockers

AG24B is a flexible learning space complete with a number of colourful node chairs that can be moved around the room as well as large stretches of squiggle glass on the walls.  The room is designed to support a variety of activities including group work and easy movement between different activities. However, this space is…Continue Reading Laptop Lockers

Video in Education – our SIG review of 2013

The SIG – dissemination to date! Looking back at the Video SIG, which was set up in October 2012, it was good to see how much dissemination we have managed to do – despite a very busy year for us all in the Educational Technology Community (ETC) here at City. We started in November 2012 with…Continue Reading Video in Education – our SIG review of 2013

Moodle 2: Enhanced Layout and Navigation

There are now improved ways to navigate around your module page. The module dashboard is a quick link to different areas of your module. You can upload a module image and navigate quickly around your module. Module Layout A. Floating Navigation Bar for quick navigation to settings and topics B. Dashboard for fast access to…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Enhanced Layout and Navigation

EGPR Project: Video Promotion

I was recently involved in videoing the European Global Product Realisation (EGPR) final workshop with Stef Smith. The project is an excellent example of collaboration. This year it involved five international universities who joined forces to design a fuselage for an aircraft to be flown by disabled people. From our perspective the main challenge was…Continue Reading EGPR Project: Video Promotion

IADIS eLearning Conference, Prague Czech Republic

Greetings from Prague, The eLearning conference 2013, organised by IADIS, has just concluded. I am happy to report that the book of proceedings from conference is now online. The full paper written by Samantha Halford (City Library)  and it can be viewed by following this link, and go to page 107 of the book (please note…Continue Reading IADIS eLearning Conference, Prague Czech Republic

Moodle 2: Using Discussion Forums to facilitate students learning

Why Discussion Forums? One of the issues that universities face is the challenge of getting students to reflect on their own learning, particularly whilst off campus. Wenger et al. (2002) promotes the idea that groups who share their concerns and/or passions about a topic will be deepening their knowledge and expertise if they are interacting…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Using Discussion Forums to facilitate students learning

Moodle 2: Activity Completion

Activity completion is a new feature in Moodle that allows the teacher to set completion criteria for a specific activity or resource. A tick () appears against the item when the student meets this criteria. The criterion might be viewing, receiving a certain score or a student marking it as complete. Activity Completion allows staff…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Activity Completion

Moodle 2: Group Submissions with group marking and feedback

In the new Moodle, you can now set an assignment/assessment not just for a single student to work on individually but for a group of students to work collaboratively and if you wish gain a collaborative grade. Students can submit on behalf of their group, with all group members being able to see and edit…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Group Submissions with group marking and feedback

Moodle 2 on the move

Moodle 2 has gone mobile.The increased use of handheld and portable devices, along with the widespread use of wireless networking, means that structured learning opportunities are becoming an “any time, anywhere” enterprise. These devices can all create a ubiquitous learning environment, which can be defined as “any setting in which students can become totally immersed…Continue Reading Moodle 2 on the move