Moodle 2: Releasing selected activities and resources

Restrict Access (or as some recognise it -Conditional or Selective release) allows you to restrict access to activities and resources based on certain conditions: time, grades, users or activity completion.

When to use
You might use the Restrict access settings, for example, to create a self-paced learning environment in which you time the release of additional resources once students complete an activity. At the City Law School(CLS), some modules are using this feature as the right answers are released to the students once they have submitted an assignment.

This tool is handy for making sure that students don’t get too overwhelmed and are provided with activities that are relevant at certain points. You can also simply hide an activity or resource from student view, use Activity completion settings to control who sees it, or restrict access to it using groups and groupings.

The Restrict access settings allow you to tailor your course to specific students’ needs, making it more flexible and responsive. This feature is generally suitable for formative assessments. For more details on restrict access please go to this link.



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