IADIS eLearning Conference, Prague Czech Republic

Greetings from Prague,

The eLearning conference 2013, organised by IADIS, has just concluded. I am happy to report that the book of proceedings from conference is now online. The full paper written by Samantha Halford (City Library)  and it can be viewed by following this link, and go to page 107 of the book (please note that the book pages are different from the Google Docs pages, so please look for page of 107 of the actual book which is at the bottom right corner). You may also find the other papers interesting, as they are elearning research from across the World. 


 View our full paper by following this link (page 107 of the book)

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3 thoughts on “IADIS eLearning Conference, Prague Czech Republic

  1. A really interesting piece of research and thank you for sharing.
    I have been reading about how the term e-learning should no longer be used since learners don’t care particularly about how its categorized, but more about what the content was. Your report seems to indicate that the discussions with the students went beyond the epistemology of e-learning. I wonder if you could elaborate on this. As I understand, this research has shown that whilst the students appreciated the RLO they also seemed to acknowledge that the online world will never replace vital human contact.

    1. Thanks Rae. Yes I think that was the students general perception: they appreciated the technology (RLO) but are acutely aware that it is myth to think that it will completely replace human interaction. Also, the students we interviewed were explicit in differentiating between use of technology in day to day life and using it for education.

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