Moodle 2: Communication settings and Activities

Moodle offers ways in which to effectively effectively contact students and staff directly using Moodle. The notification settings allow you to configure how you would prefer to receive all communications from Moodle (this includes items such as forums posts and messages).

To configure your notification settings, click My profile in the top navigation bar and choose My profile settings followed by Notifications.

This brings up a screen with check boxes where you can choose how Moodle communicates with you (both for when you are logged into Moodle and logged out):

  • Popup: A message will pop up in the bottom right of the page. (You may have to enable popups in your browser to use this setting)
  • Email: Notification sent to your City University email inbox.
  • CUL Activity Stream:This refers to the Activity Feed block on My Moodle page and if enabled, on module homepages.

You may see that some of the boxes have been greyed out and these have been ‘disallowed’. This is because generally the functionality is not used. On the other hand, you will see that some of the settings have been ‘forced’ and further testing has revealed that these settings are vital for the communication thread.  These settings may be subject to change however since we are receiving feedback from staff and students on a continual basis. For further guidance, please go the edtechhelp guidance site.

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