Month: October 2013

Service Now: New Vehicle for Educational Technology queries

What’s happening about educational technology support? We are in a period of transition where a restructure has taken place and a new model of educational technology support is being worked on. You may hear more about it in the next few weeks. Where do I go to ask for any type of educational technology support?…Continue Reading Service Now: New Vehicle for Educational Technology queries

SLE Achievements 2012-13

An enormous number of projects have been completed during the academic year 2012-13.  Strategic Learning Environment projects and work have been underpinned by the Educational Technology Community, a network of educational technology and other professional services staff and academics from the centre and all schools, using a system of meetings and working groups. This method…Continue Reading SLE Achievements 2012-13

Please move the furniture

Moving the furniture has traditionally been a source of frustration for users of our learning spaces in terms of needing more flexible spaces, having time in sessions to move furniture and leaving rooms in a state fit for the next occupants.  A number of rooms have been equipped with node chairs. However, in response to very positive…Continue Reading Please move the furniture

Swivel Seating in New Lecture Theatre

  BLG07 is the first lecture theatre at City that contains swivel seating.  This space enables students to participate in interactive lectures including bringing their own devices to work on, moving between activities and working in groups within the space.  Seating in this lecture theatre is alternately fixed and swivelling with two rows of seats…Continue Reading Swivel Seating in New Lecture Theatre

New Learning Spaces

City’s first lecture theatre decked out with vibrant orange swivel seating enabling students to work interactively and in groups during lectures is now available to use.  This room comprises a suite of colourful flexible learning spaces and break out areas all containing furniture that can be moved around and walls that can be written on…Continue Reading New Learning Spaces

Coffee Morning

The LDC is joining forces with Learning Success and Student Counselling.  To begin working together, the team got to know each other through a coffee morning in late September.  This gave individuals a chance to meet, drink coffee and also discuss what our new area should be called.  As the date coincided with the Macmillan…Continue Reading Coffee Morning

ISSOTL13 Conference 2nd – 5th October Raleigh USA

The ISSOTL conference provides a forum for scholarly conversations about teaching and learning in higher education. The conference this year had some 600 participants from fifteen countries to focus on the theme of Critical Transitions in Teaching and Learning. Papers covered a range of areas including the issues of undertaking inquiry in the class, involving…Continue Reading ISSOTL13 Conference 2nd – 5th October Raleigh USA

Moodle 2: Marking Strategies

There are several ways to mark on moodle. In this blog I will list three ways in which this is possible. Mark Moodle Assignments Using a Marking Record A marking record is very similar to a rubric, but it’s even more simpler. For each marking criterion, a comment explains what is being sought, and provides…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Marking Strategies

Moodle 2: Ideas for Innovative Assignments

Our educational technology team have identified a number of tools that can be used to help build innovative assessments in your modules. These can be seen in the diagram below. For more ideas, visit our website link here. Tool Available from Types of assessment City Blogs is a service for staff and students to bloAg…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Ideas for Innovative Assignments