New Learning Spaces

New window giving a view of Northampton Square

City’s first lecture theatre decked out with vibrant orange swivel seating enabling students to work interactively and in groups during lectures is now available to use.  This room comprises a suite of colourful flexible learning spaces and break out areas all containing

Seats in swivel seating lecture theatre

furniture that can be moved around and walls that can be written on through the use of sguiggle glass.  Awareness that education needs to be physically active, engaging and interactive also enabling students to bring their own devices is at the heart of the new designs.

These learning spaces created as part of phase one of the building works in the basement of Drysdale building are now open to students and staff for teaching and learning this term.  Finishing touches are still being added including completing the lifts,

Flexible learning space

installation of more squiggle glass, painting, signage and furnishing of break out spaces.  More photos and information will be available here when the space has been fully completed.

Corridor outside lecture theatre

This building work driven by Properties and Facilities represents ingenious use of existing basement space as part of  major strategic investment by the University as detailed in these Building the Vision plans.  Learning Spaces Group, a collection of professional services staff and academics from all schools, contributed to the design of these spaces by giving feedback, meeting with architects and sharing findings from evaluations of other learning spaces at City.

Showers for those cycling into City


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