Augmented Reality for Student Induction

The Journalism department recently completed their welcome week for undergraduate students.  Part of their induction was delivered using augmented reality, for the second year running.  Students were arranged into groups and each group received an iPad.  They were asked to visit five locations across the university. Using the Aurasma app they found and scanned an image in each location.  Each image launched a video of a member of staff from the department, giving the students some information about themselves which the groups made notes on.  The students then returned to a computer lab where they were posed questions via a Moodle quiz, regarding information from the videos.

To see an example of this, download the Aurasma app to your phone or tablet, follow the channel City University London – Journalism and scan the image below.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here


4 Sarah

James Rodgers, who led the session, reflects on this augmented reality exercise below:


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