Extending Moodle functionality with the Pilot role

Audience: City University staff

A new role is available in Moodle. The Pilot role provides the same permissions as the Lecturer role in Moodle, but you also get access to additional features.

Features available for the Pilot role

The features that are available for the Pilot role are outlined below.

Plugin Plugin functionality Information
Badges and Latest Badges block Badges can be an effective way to motivate and engage students as they progress through a Moodle module by acknowledging students’ progress against module targets and goals. Badges are not being used to accredit or verify the acquisition of skills and knowledge by students so students will not be able to export their badges to an external backpack in order to demonstrate the acquisition of a skill to an external body.
Turning Technologies block This block can be used by Lecturers who teach classes where students have own clickers. The block has limited functionality, essentially it is just a clicker ID lookup.
Workshop An activity for peer and self-assessment. It can be used to encourage student collaboration and self-awareness.

Requesting the Pilot role

If you would like to try out any of these features; please log a request on ServiceNow.

  • Select Log an IT Service Request
  • Select Generic Service Request
  • In the Description field provide the module codes where you require access to the pilot role and which pilot feature you are interested in trying out.

Your query will be directed to the Educational Technology Team and we will provide you with access to the Pilot role. We will be in touch during the year to get some feedback via an online questionnaire on the effectiveness and usability of the feature you are piloting. This feedback will be used to inform a decision on whether the feature should be available for all Moodle users.

Pilot role guidance

Guidance on the Pilot role is available from the Educational Technology guidance site.

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