Moodle Text Editor Improvements

This post highlights the development work from our colleagues in Education Research & Enterprise Services (ERES) to improve the Text Editor in Moodle 3. If you want to highlight key information for students on a module page you can choose one of the two new City styles – Important and To do.

These styles work really well in Labels on the module page to signpost students to key content or activities that they need to complete. As the styles are part of the Text Editor you can use them wherever the Text Editor is in use in Moodle, including activity descriptions.

Adding images

In addition to the new styles in the Text Editor, Moodle have made it easier to add images into the Text Editor by introducing drag and drop images.


Guidance on using the Text Editor is available on the Edtech guidance site. This post is part of a series exploring what’s new in Moodle 3.







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