Leading Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education: Report and Interactive Toolkit

Leading Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education, a summary report and interactive toolkit written by Professors Linda Evans and Neil Morris from the University of Leeds. It is a research-informed checklist for stakeholders including institutional leaders and managers, learning technologists, academic developers and e-learning champions, as they prepare for, develop, deliver and evaluate change in their institutions.

The use of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) has increased in higher education over the last decade and is a defining feature of the changed and changing learning landscape. The short report presents in summary form the findings of research that examined the extent to which, and how, strategic change initiatives and the embedding of technological developments in institutions may enhance students’ experience of higher education. One specific strategic change-focused initiative was central to the examination: the Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL) initiative.

Key Findings

There are several key finding, but this one key finding that was particularly interesting:

“Four key features or characteristics of such senior managers or leaders were found to underpin the effectiveness of their TEL focused strategic leadership:

  • Seniority and status.
  • Knowledge of ‘new’ learning technologies and digital resources and of the TEL field.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the institution and its people.
  • Vision for TEL in the university.”

Read more key findings, download the full 53 page report (login required) or view the Access the Improving student learning outcomes through strategic change toolkit


Evans, L & Morris, N. (2016). Leading Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education. Available: http://www.lfhe.ac.uk/en/research-resources/research-hub/2016-research/leading-technology-enhanced-learning-in-higher-education-summary.cfm . Last accessed 11th October 2016.

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