Advent with an Educational Tip until Christmas

Following last year’s Twitter experiment #appventcityunilead, this year, via our Twitter account @CityUniLEaD, we’ll be tweeting an Educational Tip every day at 12 noon with the hashtag #edventcityunilead  until 24th December using a Twitter Scheduler (edvent a play on the word advent, but with no chocolate involved!) It may include a link to a blog post, a video or resource.

An Educational Tip Every Day, follow @CityUniLEaD on Twitter or search 'edventcityunilead'
An Educational Tip Every Day, follow @CityUniLEaD on Twitter or search ‘edventcityunilead’

Why am I doing this?

There’s several 12 Apps of Christmas initiatives, so I decided to do  something different by tweeting Educational Tips in general for higher education. This is a way to engage our followers with something less serious before Christmas following the engagement via Twitter last year. This year’s initial tweet has made over 600 impressions on people’s account. We’ll have #LTHEchat #HEAchat in the tweets, so they will be picked up by and the HEA.

If you have your own educational tips please use the hashtag #cityuniedutip in your tweet to us, we’ll retweet the best ones and include them in a blog post in January reporting back on this initiative. In the meantime, enjoy our tweets and follow our Twitter Account!

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