Learning at City – Top 10 blog posts of the year by number of views…

This blog post looks back on the top 10 blog posts on our Learning at City blog that have been viewed the most (many are from previous years as you will see), with a brief summary of what they covered and a link to the blog post in case you want to read them

An interesting fact for you, the average blog post on Learning at City is read for 1 minute 25 seconds, so if you are planning to write a blog post, remember to make it short, to avoid the ‘Too long; didn’t read‘ phenomenon.

Number 10 – Swivel Seating in Lecture Theatres (May 29, 2013), Views: 90

Back in 2013, but still being viewed, our ex-collegue Anise Bullimore looked at City, University of London’s first swivel seat lecture theatres.

Number 9 – 5 Things to Do with Poll Everywhere (March 23, 2016) Views: 101

Earlier this year, Santanu Vasant wrote about using Poll Everywhere, the University’s web-based in-class voting system with two video case studies from the School of Health Sciences on how staff there are using Poll Everywhere.

Poll Everywhere (http://www.polleverywhere.com)

Number 8 – Rethinking the lecture theatre (October 28, 2014) Views: 158

In October 2014, Dominic Pates wrote about the Cluster Seating Lecture Theatre, ELG01, based on the Loughborough Design School and received a comment from Sweden!

Cluster seating in ELG01: 2 (photo by Dom Pates/City University, CC-BY-SA)
Cluster seating in ELG01: 2 (photo by Dom Pates/City University, CC-BY-SA)


Number 7 – Watch this Learning Space (May 29 2013) Views: 158

Angela Dove, Lecturer at Cass Business School wrote about her excitement at the chance of teaching in the Cluster Seating Lecture Theatre which was coming to City in 2014!

Number 6 – 7 things you should know about Lecture Capture (January 11 2013) Views: 163

Back in January 2013, Rae Bowdler wrote about what every academic should know about Lecture Capture, now an established educational technology at City!

Number 5 –  NVivo Training To Support Qualitative Research in Higher Education (June 1, 2011) Views: 167

At number 5, back in 2011, our ex-collegue Ajmal Sultany discussed his training in NVivo to support his research in Higher Education.

Number 4 – Social Media Training for Academics: What not to do (September 15, 2016) Views: 176

A guest blog post with Dr Emma Kennedy, Academic Adviser at QMUL, who wrote about Social Media and what academics should not do. This was very popular on Twitter for weeks afterwards!

Social Media for Academics

Number 3 – Workshop on Assessment Feedback: Centre for Music Studies (December 30, 2011) Views: 187

A post from ex-City staff member Dr Chris Wiley, discussed assessment in Music Studies.

Number 2 – Team based Learning at BETT 2016 (February 10, 2016) Views: 218

At number 2, we have Team-based Learning at BETT 2016, a report from Santanu Vasant, of how team-based learning is being used at Universities such as Bradford and the University of Texas!

Team-based Learning at the University of Bradford

So at Number 1, we have the  Report from Learning at City 2016 – Promoting Teaching Excellence (June 20, 2016) Views: 238

At the 8th Learning at City Conference, Santanu Vasant reported back from the conference attended by over 100 people, including external speakers and delegates and Periscope (live video streaming via Twitter).

Learning at City 2016 - Team based Learning Session
Learning at City 2016

This perfectly leads me to say Save the date: 21st June 2017 for Learning at City 2017, Theme: Developing Theory and Practice in Higher Education!

You will see above that all 10 ten viewed posts in 2016 were all educationally focused and we’d like similarly educationally focused posts for the coming year. Our audience clearly like our educationally focused blog posts.

Season Greetings from the Learning at City blog! See you in 2017!

Keep taking the LEaD on Learning Enhancement and Development!

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  1. great post thanks – I am going to read then all now!

    thanks to all for sharing such fab posts, Sandra

    ps The Learning At City call will go out early January 2017 so get ready for that everyone.

  2. A great review to establishing what we should be writing about. Thanks Santanu and a good post for us to consider for 2017.

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