What to expect in Moodle 3.2

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When you log into Moodle 3.2 from 27June, there won’t be a lot of new features for you to master. We have listened to feedback from staff and students in usability sessions, from ServiceNow queries, and from Focus Groups to design improvements that address areas of difficulty when using Moodle.

We have concentrated on developing a major improvement for students, creating alerts to reassure staff about the visibility of feedback, and providing interface improvements in assignments.

In addition, there are small changes to some Moodle features that will hopefully have a positive impact on the staff and student experience.

Over the next three months, the Educational Technology Team will be updating you on what to expect in Moodle 3.2 through a series of blog posts. You can access all of these posts from the Moodle 3.2 tag.

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