Learning Spaces Group – 26th April 2017

The Learning Spaces Group met on 26th April, to discuss a variety of issues around Learning Spaces and in-class technologies in the Franklin Building. The areas covered were as follows:

  • An update on the Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI)
  • Input from staff on Computer Lab spaces
  • Input from staff on how they might change the Great Hall to make it more teaching friendly
  • An update and feedback on our summer 2017 training offer

Thank you to the staff who attended and gave us some really valuable insights, which we will use in our planning and further work. The slides from the Learning Spaces Group for those that could not attend are below.

Highlights of your Feedback…

On the Great Hall

Meets a need for large cohort sizes and traditional transmissive lecturing, however, could be improved to increase engagement between student and academic.

If being used in flat floored configuration, the Great Hall is  very good as a  large studio space; 100-150 with tables (but in the worst case, just with chairs). VITAL = flip charts or movable display boards OR tablets as input devices

Good microphones, don’t schedule Maths lectures, separate screens so we can show visualiser and notes at the same time

On the Computer Labs survey

It does not ask the number of participants attending each teaching activity. In addition, there is no question on any technical issues that have affected the teaching activities. If such issues actually occurred, how did they impact the activity? Further, some labs might not allow switching from one type of activity to another with ease, if at all, should the presenter be interested in a dynamic learning activity

It does not ask members of staff about the software and/or PC lab tools to deliver the teaching activity



On the Training for Learning Spaces / In-class Technologies

Mapping activities to spaces and vice versa

Alternative strategies when something goes wrong, eg what to use when no whiteboard pen, what to use now that the new pod does not have a touchscreen to draw on

Webinar + GoPro tour

Workshop – new name – So you have a really big cohort?


Next Time on Learning Spaces Group… 28th June 14.00-15.30 (note in your diaries)

  • We’ll hope to be in the Great Hall for a workshop on teaching in very large spaces
  • We’ll be reviewing the first year of DALI (what you have said, what we have found, the next steps).

If you’d like to join the group, please email Sheila Egan (Learning Spaces Theme Lead)

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