Moodle 3.2: Improvements to My Moodle page

There are several improvements to the first page (known as the My Moodle page) that students and staff see when they login to Moodle. These changes are based on the usability testing which LEaD carried out with both students and staff.

Select modules

Our usability testing showed that often people didn’t notice when selection filters were applied. We have changed the visual styling to make it much more apparent when you have selected modules that are relevant for you (for example all modules in the academic year 2016/17):

Accessing modules from 2012-13

As very few students need to access modules from 2012-13 we have removed the link to them from the righthand side of the My Moodle page. People will still be able to access these modules but will do so from the My Modules menu.

Search features

The Search modules feature has been moved up the screen to a more prominent and accessible position.

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