Upgrading the Lecture Capture System at City, University of London

Lecture Capture is being upgraded this summer and users will benefit from a more user-friendly interface, new features and an improved experience for City, University of London’s staff and students.

Why is this happening?

The current platform Echo System Server (ESS) will no longer be supported by the provider, Echo360, from the end of this month. The latest version of the lecture capture system is called Active Learning Platform (ALP), which will replace ESS from 15th August 2017, following a two week shutdown period. We will still refer to the system as Lecture Capture.

What are the benefits of the new system?

The new platform will provide the existing functionality and benefits of the old platform but with much improved user interface and underlying technologies, such as smoother video editing and playback. Additional features include content sharing, reporting on student engagement with video, as well as faster performance and improved reliability, which will be of great benefit to all our Lecture Capture users. For staff, lecture capture recordings will process faster as the system will be hosted via the cloud, offering simpler, quicker editing and allowing staff to edit recordings for 90 days, and a significant increase from the current 30 day period.

How will this impact me?

This will involve 2 week “no recording” period (Monday 31st July – Monday 14th August) across all lecture spaces. Across these 2 weeks, staff will not be able to record any new lecture captures while the software on the 55 appliances in rooms is upgraded. Access to the upgraded Lecture Capture system will be available to staff after the 2 week upgrade period on Tuesday 15th August.

How can I find out more?

To support you during the transition to the new system, we will be sending out regular communications and providing online resources and support for using the new system.

Further details of what ALP will offer to staff and students will be released over the next few months, as our internal project team progress with the upgrade and customise the system to our specification.

What training is available?

We have a training day on Monday 26th June for staff to attend (in ELG015, Lower Ground Floor, Drysdale Building), with tailored training for your role at the University. Please see the booking form for further details and to book your place! Further staff training on the new lecture capture will be made available shortly.

We hope you are as excited as we are to experience an improved user experience to what is an increasingly popular learning technology, to support our ever improving student experience.

For further information contact Sheila Egan, Learning Spaces Lead, or your School Relationship Lead.


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