Kristianstad University, Sweden visited Learning Enhancement and Development and the Library

On the 30th May, the Learning Resources Center at Kristianstad University in Sweden visited us in Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) as part of a visit to several London Universities. The purpose of the visit was to share practice and experiences of educational development between our departments.

We welcomed our guests into B200, introducing our respective teams to each other, followed by questions. We subsequently took a Learning Spaces tour, where they explored our flexible learning spaces, especially liking our node chairs in the drysdale lower ground as this tweet below shows. Our visitors said that almost 50% of their students (some 6,000 students) were distance learners, so they were impressed by our facilities.

Our Multimedia Theme in the Educational Technology Team then took our visitors to Media and Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) for a tour of the facilities where we film a lot of educational video and where staff and some student also use the facilitates for their projects. The delegation met our Learning Success Team (part of LEaD) and part of our Library Services Team 

After lunch we took a combined City and Kristianstad Universities photo in the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre.

It was followed by meeting the various teams within LEaD, i.e. Educational Technology (specifically the Blended Learnng Theme), Disability,  Neurodiversity and  Academic Learning Support. Also, the academic team discussed our MA in Academic Practice Programme and members of the Library also discussed their work in supporting staff and students at the University.

The day finished with an afternoon tea. We really enjoyed sharing perspectives on higher education studies in Sweden and the UK and we hope our visitors from Kristianstad University did too. We hope to one day make a similar visit to Sweden to see if we can learn lessons from the Swedish HE system that we can bring to our University.

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