School of Health Sciences – Teaching and Learning Innovators Event – June 2017

The School of Health Sciences Teaching and Learning Innovators Event this term returned to the three presentation format on the 14th June, following a single workshop format for the past few innovators events, with Alison Coutts, Maggie Tarling and Ellie Taylor (from the Nursing Division in the School) on the topics of team-based learning, certainty based marking and audio only simulations.

Firstly, we had Alison Coutts discussing the team-based learning, a technique she has been trialling in her teaching sessions. Alison got us into teams to try out the team-based learning technique that uses scratch cards (which have to be imported from the US, a clear gap in the market for a UK supplier noted Alison).

Next we had Dr Maggie Tarling, who discussed certainty based marking, a less well known and used tool in Moodle. Used in medical schools to train doctors and in projects such as the London Agreed Protocol for Teaching LAPT (2007), Certainty based marking uses negative marking, making the student think again, highlighting gaps in their knowledge and makes a multiple choice question assessment harder and not just a 1 in 5 chance of getting a question right.

Finally, we had Ellie Taylor who discussed a project she has worked on, using audio only simulated in teaching child student nurses of the demands of a nurse leader in a clinical environment. Ellie’s project was part of her Technology Enabled Academic Practice (TEAP) module, part of the MA in Academic Practice and was recorded using the Mini-MILL facilities at Myddelton Street Building.

We hope you find the resources embedded into this blog post useful. We’ll have another Teaching and Innovators Event in the autumn term, mid-November. If you’d like to present at a future one, please contact us.

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