High Impact Webinars using Adobe Connect – Bring Your Own Lunch July 2017

The second Bring your Own Lunch Webinar took place on 19th July, with Professor Clive Holtham and Dr Martin Rich, discussing how to run high impact webinars using Adobe Connect, which you could say, is very meta, a webinar about webinars!

Watch the webinar [approximately 60 mins]  or take a look at the slides bellow

The webinar was tested prior to the event by Lisa Baker (Cass Educational Technologist) and Elizabeth Renshaw (Cass Partnership and Evaluation Manager), who also participanted as a facilitator on the webinar. Thank you to you both for your time and effort in making sure the webinar ran smoothly.

To begin, Clive and Martin gave some background to their work in this area going back to 1990, noting that webinars add value to collaborative work and got the partcipants thinking about their favourite place in the world, with a tactile activity (which is very important to this type of delivery).

Clive discussed the roles of Adobe Connect, including raise hand – it’s a way of showing engagement measure during a webinar (and to see if people are actually there and not just logged in).

Also demonstrated were the polling feature, the interactive whiteboard and the randomiser app, which is availale on the Adobe Connect website. Whatever you do, you need to have activities at a rate of 1 every 4 minutes.

Examples of using webinars for academics

  • Blended Tutorials – can see me face to face or I’ll be online, at the same time.
  • PhD Tutorials – no need for video, ability for both people to read each others notes
  • Missing Person Meeting (Tutorials), however Clive noted that now, if one person was missing, everyone would be online, to give the same experience (from their experience and research)
  • Experts Meeting – a Special Interest Group etc
  • Parallel face to face and online lecture (Professor Jo Wood, School of Mathematics, Computing and Engineering)


Clive concluded by saying that few universities have shifted from their preoccupation of traditional teaching methods, to using tools like Adobe Connect. Our long standing methods have to be dropped for different ones that work better for virtual students (or students that show attributes of a virtual students – don’t come to campus often, travel a lot, have other committments).

Present the next one – Take the LEaD!

If you’d like to present a future webinar, please get back in touch.

Sessions can be on anything relationed to Learning, Teaching and Assessment, so it could be on Copyright, Creative Commons, Open Educational Resources, Employability Matters, Curriculum Design, Instructional Design, Simulated Practice, Assessment Practices, Video Pedagogy etc.

We’ll be running the next one in September (then November, January etc).

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One thought on “High Impact Webinars using Adobe Connect – Bring Your Own Lunch July 2017

  1. great post, packed with useful design tips for high impact webinars, thanks for sharing the post and the recording . I am particularly interested in the Lo Fi conference room set up, it has implications for learning space design and I would like to try that out in the new LEaD training space next term. I will be in touch colleagues!

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