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DALI Podium
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DALI  –  An update from the Designing Active Learning Initiative

The transformation of City’s learning spaces is taking place over the summer months, for the second year running. From September 2017 City’s staff and students will benefit from the new DALI podium (Pod) in over 40 of the 200 centrally timetabled learning spaces. Of the 40 there are 25 learning spaces with enhanced lecture capture and two of those are larger spaces, Birley (160 seats) and Oakden (214 seats).

DALI has contributed to City’s impressive Drysdale Ground Floor refurbishment project  – this includes five PC labs which have been redesigned to increase flexibility for learning, with circular, banked and  group work layouts, foldaway PCs and the DALI pod.The initiative will take approximately five years to cover all of City’s learning spaces.

What’s on a DALI Pod?

The DALI pod features a built in visualiser with a large pick up area, a large touch screen control panel, high quality projection  – and in some rooms two projectors, improved audio pick up, controls for lecture capture, increased whiteboard space and an HDMI laptop connection – and now the pod is height adjustable.

The lectern and controls are intuitive to use but the LEaD team will be on hand to support staff at the start of each term, offering pod inductions, a printed guide in the room and an online support site with quick start video guides.The guidance and videos are available here – DALI Pod link to online guidance.

DALI – List of learning spaces from September 2017* (and a few arriving in January 2018)



& LECTURE CAPTURE ( in bold)

A  COLLEGE      4 AG07bAG21, AG22, AG24a (Jan 2018)
B UNIVERSITY      6 BLG07, BG02, BG03B103, B104
C  TAIT      15

 C302, 303, 306, 307, 308, 312, 313, 314, 315,

316, 318, 319, 320, 322, 325

D  RHIND      5  DLG03, DLG08, DLG02, DLG09, D104
E  DRYSDALE      7

Drysdale Ground Floor

PC labs EG01, EG02, EG03, EG04, EG06

Lower Ground Floor

ELG01 (Jan 2018)ELG15 (Jan 2018)

H CENTENARY      2  Birley, Oakden
 BUNHILL ROW      4  2002 (Oct 2017), 2004, 2006, 3002, 3003
updated: LEaD 25 th September 2017

* Please note this table ( August 2017) includes planned works for summer 2017 and January 2018, building projects can be delayed or changed due to unforeseen circumstances. All spaces are centrally timetabled and will be allocated in the usual manner.


Interested in learning spaces design and practice? –  to find out more, visit the LEaD learning spaces webpages.


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