The new Lecture Capture system is live at City – see what it can do for your teaching!

City staff, we’ve been busy….

Since the downtime window started on 31st July. we have been upgrading Echo boxes in Learning Spaces, continuing to migrate content from the old Echo System Server to the new cloud hosted Active Learning Platform and completing the integration between the new Lecture Capture System and Moodle 3.2.

A big thank you to the Education Research & Enterprise Service (ERES) AV and Specialist Services teams within IT for all their hard work on configuring and testing the hardware and software components of the system. 

We have also been training Professional and Academic staff to ensure everyone is well prepared for the upgraded system, if you require further assistance, please contact your local Educational Technology lead or a recording of the session is available here (presented by Lisa Baker and James Stewart, Cass Educational Technologists):

The first section covers Moodle 3.2, then at seventeen minutes in, integration with Moodle and features of the Active Learning Platform can be viewed.

What to expect from the new Lecture Capture System

There are a multitude of new features for staff and students in the new Lecture Capture System. You’ll notice that there is a clearer interface, which works on all browsers and devices. Below are some of the broader areas that have changed, with links to our new guidance pages. Before term starts we’ll have some short PDFs and video guides to essential areas of the new system for you.

For detailed help see our new lecture capture guidance pages

Share more with lecture captures between different courses and users

  • You can now give editing access to colleagues via an email invite.
  • You can now share content with students via an email invite (if needed).
  • You can now choose when content is made available and unavailable, in a scheduled way.
  • Recordings can be easily published to multiple courses.
  • Recordings can be made available via multiple links or embedded into Moodle pages to make the student learning experience better.

Do more with Lecture Capture recordings

  • It will be possible to create Classrooms, containing your recordings and the optional supporting material, including PowerPoint and PDF files.
  • These additional classes can be inserted in line with the other content, rather than displayed by the ‘publish date.’
  • Instructors (lecturers) can retrieve any materials from these Classrooms, with the content being downloadable in the original format.

Engage more Students

  • Student interaction with the recordings and supporting materials can be reviewed, with the ability to set up metrics and analyse their engagement with the content.
  • Engagement features can be turned on or off, as the instructor (lecturers) wants.
  • Engagement metrics include: video views, questions asked, activity participation, online attendance, presentation views and the word count from lecture notes taken.
  • Ability to highlight students in need of possible assistance (supports retention and the university’s KPIs).
  • Ability to flag areas of lectures where students require further assistance (supports retention and the university’s KPIs).

Be More Active with the Lecture Experience

The new Active Learning features of system, allow your students to do the following before, during and after the lecture:

  • Q&A and discussion groups (before, during and after)
  • Live question polling in PowerPoint presentations (during the lecture, remember you can also use our supported Poll Everywhere system)
  • Lecture note taking (during)
  • Ability for students to flag confusing content (during and after)
  • Ability for students to bookmark content (during and after)

A simplified, smoother experience for all.

The new system has a simplified navigation between courses for staff and students. The Library area allows you to view and manage all your courses in one place.

There is also a simplified editor, making it easier to modify recordings with no time limit for making edits. With new cloud hosted processing, videos will be available much faster.

New Lecture Capture Tips for Students Video

We haven’t forgotten about students. To accompany the new staff guidance, we have put a short video for you to link from your Moodle module or show in the first lecture, with some tips from Daniel Sansome from Learning Success on how to study effectively with Lecture Capture.

If you have any further questions about Lecture Capture, please contact your School based Senior Educational Technologist or put an IT Service Desk query with New Lecture Capture System in the subject line.


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