Planning for Pedagogy Space and Technology Workshop at ALT-C 2017

The annual Association for Learning Technology’s conference took place from 5th – 7th September, you can see the daily keynotes which were streamed and recorded via the conference programme.You can also check out the Twitter hashtag #altc or see the ALT-C 2017 Flickr album for photographs.

On the third day, I attended in person, to present a workshop and listen to talks on topics such as Shaping Learning Spaces, Empowering Academics with Educational Technology and using Virtual Reality in the teaching of Law.

Planning for Pedagogy, Space and Technology

I presented a short workshop with Julie Voce on Planning for Pedagogy, Space and Technology (based on the Learning Spaces Theme’s work at the Learning at City Conference 2015 and on a workshop run as part of the MA in Academic Practice). Slides, with the responses from some of the groups are also included below.

It was great to see the delegates that attended the workshop worked on the scenarios provided and along with FutureLearn’s Learning Design Model and UCL’s ABC Model (based on Professor Diana Laurillard’s work), this could be an approach to introduce curriculum design to new lecturers and supporters of learning at City and beyond.

Pedagogy Space Technology Cards

A few delegates asked if the cards are under Creative Commons and I have today made them available as a downloadable PowerPoint file  (I have put a Creative Commons License to them)
Dr Jane Secker (our Senior Lecturer in Educational Development within the Academic Team at LEaD) will be refining these cards soon too, having run a similar workshop as part of the MA in Academic Practice’s introductory Learning, Teaching and Assessment Module) so look out for them via our Twitter account and/or a blog post in the coming months.

We hope you find the resources here useful, let us know if you adapt them in your institutional setting.

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2 thoughts on “Planning for Pedagogy Space and Technology Workshop at ALT-C 2017

  1. Great session at ALT Santanu and thanks for making all of these materials available. Very useful for the kind of work we are engaging with at the moment.

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