Moodle Assignment Checklist

Assignment activity on Moodle starts to get busy from next week. This post provides a checklist to help you avoid the most common issues related to the Moodle assignment activity.

Moodle Assignment Checklist

Before students submit, double-check that your assignment settings are correct. The table below provides a checklist to help you avoid the most common issues with Moodle assignment submissions.

Item Guidance
Check that the assignment due date and time is correct in the Availability settings of the Moodle assignment. Give your module a spring clean
Check that the Require students click submit button in the Submission settings is set to No.

If the Require students click submit button is set to Yes, students will have to click a Submit button to declare their submission as final. If they forget to click the Submit button before the deadline then their submission will show as late.

A second issue is that if students click the Submit button prior to the deadline, but then update their work they will be unable to resubmit as they have already declared their submission to be the final one. Students then need to contact their lecturer and ask them to manually send their assignment submission back to them.

There is a new feature on Moodle assignments where you can limit the file types accepted as assignments.

If you are using this setting, include this information in your assignment instructions.

Individual Assignment Quickstart Guide

If your students are submitting to a group assignment, ensure that all students are in the right group prior to any assignment submissions.

Use a grouping for the assignment to help you manage other group activities on the module.

Group Assignment Quickstart Guide
If you want to generate a Turnitin similarity report for Moodle assignments, the Enable Turnitin setting must be set to Yes prior to students submitting their assignments. Assignment with Similarity Check Quickstart Guide
Remind students of the resources available to help them with their first assignment submission on Moodle.
  • The Learning with Moodle module provides students with an opportunity to submit a practice assignment. This means that students can practice the process before submitting an assignment for the first time.
  • The Learning with Moodle module also includes a Playlist with screencasts on how to submit to different types of assignment activities.
  • The Educational Technology Guidance site has step-by-step instructions to support students in submitting to Moodle assignment activities.

Are there any other tips that you can share to help with the Assignment activity in Moodle?

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