Sky-diving from College Building clock tower

  • I’ve done some exciting things during my thirteen (and a third) years at City, but I think this just about caps the lot.

It was just before my last appraisal meeting that the idea of jumping off a tall building first came to mind. I was a little bit early for the meeting (I just can’t help it!) and I picked up a leaflet that had been left in the pre-appraisal area.


The leaflet was written by the ‘College Building Society’. It mentioned that every fifty years since its construction in 1898, a member of staff has been given the opportunity to ‘sky-dive’ from the clock tower. The only requirement for participation was ten years’ solid service and a note from a Senior HR Advisor. Perfect. Not only did I qualify, I was the first person to apply. Cher-ching.

Test jump from Myddleton Street steps

As you can imagine, there are some risks associated with activities of this genre. I’ve been on a rigorous training programme organised by the Association of Clock Tower Sky-divers (ACTs). I’ve built up stamina and knee strength by jumping from increasingly higher heights. I started with the College Building steps and have progressed to the Myddleton Street Building steps, and beyond.

I’m really looking forward to the big day – Sunday 1st April. If you’re nearby, please say hello. Or try to catch me if you’re on that side of St John Street.

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