Day: April 26, 2018

What do we really mean by “partnership work”?

(Illustration: Ada Jusic) At the Change Agents Network (CAN) Conference, “change agents” are any students and staff working in genuine partnerships with the aim of transforming the educational experience. While the 2018 conference encompassed presentations (from students as well as staff) on a range of partnership projects – in areas including  curriculum development, learning analytics,…Continue Reading What do we really mean by “partnership work”?

Sugar, cortisol, and me

As exam season looms, revision advice is a common topic of interest for a lot of students coming to Academic Learning Support one-to-one sessions. We tell them they need to ‘look after themselves,’ and this has to include eating properly, but what does that mean, and is there a diet that can improve their revision…Continue Reading Sugar, cortisol, and me