Moodle in a Minute: Moodle 3.4 Overview

This blog post is part of our series exploring what’s new in Moodle 3.4 and is the launch of our Moodle in a Minute screencasts.

The focus of this year’s Moodle update is on redesigning Moodle. We’ve concentrated our efforts on streamlining and improving functionality, as well as providing a more contemporary look for Moodle.

As with any change there is a learning curve with the redesign in terms of the new Settings menu and Find a Module functionality, and our Moodle in a Minute screencasts will introduce you to the improvements and changes and help you get to know the new Moodle before it goes live from 6am on 25 July.

Our first Moodle in a Minute screencast provides an overview of the redesign improvements.

The next post in this series will provide an overview of the My Moodle page.

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