DALI Summer 2018 Learning Spaces

The Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI) project, spent the Summer busily focussing on our third year of works, to deliver updated educational technology in 29 learning spaces, in time for the start of the new academic year 2018/19.

This year one main focus was on updating PC labs spaces in College Building as these PC labs were looking very tired.  They now have a new lease of life! New student desking, new PC’s and additional projection facilities have been added further to improve both the staff and student experience of teaching and learning in these spaces. The decor, heating and ventialiation were also updated by PAF as part of the works, with greater availablity of additional power to support the needs of all out student users in formal and informal sessions.

Centenary Building which contains some of our largest and most heavily used lecture theatres, had updated lecture capture, projection and teaching pods to ensure the rooms deliver the best possible teaching and learning experience to staff and students.  All spaces within Centenary have now been updated by the DALI project.

The Cass Bunhill Row Building was updated, with its largest PC Lab space having a complete overhaul of the teaching wall and additional projection faciltiies, to better suit the PC based teaching needs within the space.  The project updated an additional three rooms at Cass, providing new technology in horseshoe style lecture theatres, and updating equipment available on the sixth floor teaching space.

The Rhind Building also benefitted from many of its lower ground and first floor spaces being updated with new equipment, to ensure floors and buildings are gradually completed, all while working around the many bookings and events which happen all throught the summer and the year.

Rooms Updated Summer 2018:

This brings the number of updated teaching rooms up to 72 leaving in the region of 115 further spaces to be updated over coming the coming years of the project.

DALI Project Information:

The DALI Project is a cross service department, collaborative project, between Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD), Information Technology (IT) and Property and Facilities (PAF) who all work closely together to update rooms and ensure the huge amount of co-ordination work, led by the DALI IT Project Manager is fully managed, completed and delivered to needed timescales.

The DALI project aims are to optimise flexible modes of education, enable active and collaborative learning and teaching, ensure that educational technologies are robust and relaible and work within an efficient management environment, to minimise any loss of service, or scheduled teaching hours.

LEaD would like to acknowledge and thank DALI core team members from PAF and IT for their tireless and dedicated work on the DALI project, which contributes to an improved and enhanced experience of teaching and learning here at City, University of London.






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