Month: November 2018

Why did I start blogging? Present Absence

Shoes hanging from a telephone wire

Recently, Dom Pates, Jane Secker and I were discussing the future of the blogging group once I leave City (more about that later). We ended up talking about why we started blogging. Here’s my answer. My first blog post dates back to February 2008. What were you doing then? I was living in Sao Paulo,…Continue Reading Why did I start blogging? Present Absence

Job opportunity: Technical Analyst (Learning Analytics)

Pic of learning analytics

City are looking for a Technical Analyst (Learning Analytics) to support the Learning Analytics Project (LeAP). The selected candidate will work closely with the LeAP Project team in this exciting new role.  The project is exploring how Learning Analytics can be used to improve students’ educational experience and support the institution’s education performance indicators relating…Continue Reading Job opportunity: Technical Analyst (Learning Analytics)

My First ALT Conference

The many roles of an Educational Technologist

Personal Reflection on my first ALT Conference: The 2018 Association of Learning Technologists conference was held in Manchester from 10-13 September,  as it was both the first time I’ve attended and presented I was a little apprehensive about what to expect! What I found was a really warm welcome from the conference organisers and all…Continue Reading My First ALT Conference

Learning is a Social Process

learning is a social process

Outside of my role here at City, I work as consultant in learning space design and development. One of my projects was to create a CPD package for a furniture manufacturer, with whom I have worked in support of their education market endeavour. In September they published the training package having secured accreditation from RIBA,…Continue Reading Learning is a Social Process

Can you help us to improve Moodle?

Moodle icon

  Last academic year we redesigned Moodle. We would like to get insights into how usable the design is and to get feedback on your satisfaction with the redesign. We are inviting staff to give their feedback through “Thinking Aloud Tests”. This will involve undertaking tasks on Moodle and describing what you see, think, like, dislike,…Continue Reading Can you help us to improve Moodle?