Learning is a Social Process

Outside of my role here at City, I work as consultant in learning space design and development. One of my projects was to create a CPD package for a furniture manufacturer, with whom I have worked in support of their education market endeavour. In September they published the training package having secured accreditation from RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The CPD looks at informal learning, what it really means and why it is so important to fully understand when designing spaces for learners.

“We all learn differently and we learn all the time. We learn in quiet reflection, in noisy leaps and in social interactions that arouse our emotions. A wonderful characteristic of learning is that we learn when we feel secure and cosy, and also when we feel challenged.” (La Marca, 2010, ACER)

As we know, students have more time outside of their timetabled lectures, seminars and workshop classes, so their preference seems to be for their own places on campus, somewhere they can be social, make connections and establish networks, just as they do in their time away from university.

The CPD is locked as its only accessible for those who sign up with Connection. But I will be running a lunchtime session in the near future, watch this space.



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