Calling all City bloggers – relaunch event for the LEaD Writing Group

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The LEaD Writing Group was established in 2016 at the Learning at City 2016 Conference, by Dan Sansome and Dom Pates. Dan has now left City and the group hasn’t met for a while. But after much arm twisting (i.e. none) Dom has persuaded me to run this informal writing group with him. The group mainly focused on people who wanted to write blog posts and offers time and space as well as some technical assistance with WordPress. I’m an avid blogger (see here, here and here) and love writing almost as much as like talking. In fact I’ve just published a blog post about writing about writing.

Anyway our relaunch event is being held on Friday 8th February from 12-1pm in B310. Everyone is welcome but you can book your place here! If you are new to blog writing or an experienced writer, why not come along to say hello? Our first session will be a chance to get to know people, but we’ll spend some time doing a short writing exercise. We’ve lined up the dates for the next 4 or 5 sessions and hope to see some of you at the sessions. Blogs can be a great way of reflecting and there is some evidence that they are a useful part of academic practice.

Have you got something you need to write and just want some quiet time to do some writing? Are you looking for inspiration or some technical assistance with WordPress? Whatever your reason, set aside some time on 8th February to come along to the relaunch event.


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One thought on “Calling all City bloggers – relaunch event for the LEaD Writing Group

  1. Thanks, Jane. I’m leaving City at the end of February so can’t attend any future sessions, but I encourage anyone wanting to up their blogging game to attend. I learned so much from Dan and Dom and have fond memories of losing my bloginity after lots of encouragement and practical tips. My output still needs some work, but I know just one post can make all the difference, as evidenced by my blog about Disability Awareness Training for colleagues Learning Success and Student Counselling and Mental Health last year. Having read my blog, Julie Voce invited us to deliver training for the Educational Technology team (thanks Julie) and when she posted feedback about the training we got an invitation from Organisational Development to deliver all-staff sessions. I don’t think we would have made such a quick impact using more traditional means.

    So, thanks for sharing the knowledge and skills. And happy blogging!

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