Moodle in a Minute: My Moodle Improvements

As part of our series exploring what’s new in Moodle 3.6, this post explores the improvements to the My Moodle page.

Accessing Modules

For Moodle 3.6, we’ve improved access to modules and reduced the number of clicks to access modules. Modules you are enrolled on are available directly from the My Moodle page.

  •  Users with lots of modules can continue to use the Search Modules block to quickly find the relevant module. 
  • The Year and Term filters remain to help you navigate through modules over a number of years. 
  • You can favourite modules you use on a regular basis, for quick access via the My Favourites menu.
Integrated Search Modules, My Modules, and My Favourites
Integrated Search Modules, My Modules, and My Favourites


We’ve increased the number of modules available in the Recently accessed modules.

block displaying three modules Olivia 2019 PlaySpace, Plugins Synergy and Moodle and Mountaineering
Recently accessed modules

We’ve organised the My Modules top menu by year to help you find the right module as you progress through a programme.

My Modules selected showing year 2018-19 with Learning with Moodle module 2018-19 displaying
Organisation of My Modules in top navigation menu

Activity Feed

Activity Feed is available in a prominent position to provide students with an overview of activity on the modules they are enrolled on.

Moodle activity feed showing latest notifications for students of updates in modules
Activity Feed


Moodle Alerts

We’re exploring a new plugin to manage alerts to users about system downtime or known issues. The plugin provides users with some control of system update messages. Users would be able dismiss the alert once they had read it and this would remove it from their My Moodle page. We’re still testing this feature, and if works as expected we will use this to communicate to our users about system issues.

My Moodle in a Minute

You can see how all the improvements (apart from Moodle alerts) fit together in our Moodle in a Minute screencast.


The next post in this series explores the improvements when navigating a module page.

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