Moodle in a Minute: Module Page Improvements

As part of our series exploring what’s new in Moodle 3.6, this post explores the improvements to module pages when navigating.

Navigating Collapsed Topics

  • All taught modules use collapsed topics to provide students with a concise overview of their module. The Open all and Close all buttons have increased in size to make them more obvious to users.
  • Staff and students reported difficulties in navigating long modules when sections were open. There is a now a Close section at the end of each section, so you can close topics/weeks as your complete them.
Module showing buttons open all and close all. One section opened and close section highlighted
Open all/close all buttons and close section

Module Menu

Not a new feature but one that is often forgotten about, the Module Menu enables you to quickly jump to a section on the module. This is a great way to quickly navigate long modules.

Module menu open on a module showing the sections available
Module menu navigation

Moodle in Presentation Mode

Staff using Moodle in teaching sessions have reported that the floating navigation bar was taking up too much space when the page was zoomed. The size of this nav bar has been decreased when the page is in zoom mode to facilitate the presentation of Moodle in taught sessions.

Our screencast provides a visual overview of the improvements to module pages when navigating.

The next post in this series will explore the improvements to a module page when editing.

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