Research and Practice Informed Teaching Case Studies: Dr Sara Jones, Cass Business School

In our latest post, we hear from Dr Sara Jones, Senior Lecturer in Creative Interactive System Design.  Sara works in the Faculty of Management at Cass Business School, where she researches the intersection between digital and creativity.  Her work looks at the development, use, and evaluation of computational tools and technologies that can support and augment human creative and innovation processes in a range of different contexts.

This case study focuses on Sara’s experience of teaching on the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction Design and the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership.  Sara combines teaching and research in innovative ways and shares an example of a JISC-funded project in which students studying on her creative design module contributed to research into the use of physical and digital tools in teaching. To find out more watch the video or read the accompanying transcript and information sheet: Sara Jones Info Sheet.

In our next case study we hear from Dr Andrew McNamara from the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Andrew draws on his industry experience and the research that he undertakes at City to link practice and theory in his teaching.

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