Calling all bloggers! come do a ‘show off’ at the LEaD blog writing group!

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

For the past 6 months or so Dom Pates and I have been hosting the LEaD Blog writing group. It’s usually the first week of the month at lunchtime and we’ve varied the day to try and see what timing works for people (and for us!). This year we did some writing exercises inspired by images, we talked about writing good opening lines, we discussed WordPress stats and several other topics. We also made sure the last 20-30 minutes were quiet time for writing.  The LEaD Writing Group was established in 2016 at the Learning at City 2016 Conference, by Dan Sansome and Dom Pates.

We’re putting together the programme for the next academic year, and so far have agreed the following timings for the sessions, so make a note for your diary now:

  • 3rd October 2019, 12-1pm
  • 5th November 2019, 12-1pm
  • 6th December 2019, 12-1pm
  • 9th January 2020, 12-1pm
  • 5th February 2020, 12-1pm
  • 6th March 2020, 12-1pm

All sessions take place in B310. Everyone is welcome but it’s suitable for those new to blog writing or experienced writers. We are also keen to invite some bloggers to do a 5-10 show off about their blog, explaining a bit about why they write, the sort of topics they cover and to get some publicity for their work! So do get in touch with me ( if you fancy signing up for a guest slot. I shall do the first guest slot and talk a bit about my blogs and

Have you got something you need to write and just want some quiet time to do some writing? Are you looking for inspiration or some technical assistance with WordPress? Whatever your reason, why not set aside some time next academic year to come along to the group. We’d love to see you!


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