Enhacing the student experience with audio feedback

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At our Moodle Refreshers, we’ve been telling staff about the new audio and video feedback feature for grading assignments. One of the lecturers pointed out that there is a body of evidence to show the effectiveness of audio feedback. And so there is…

One study sums up the potential benefits quite nicely and revealed “extremely high student satisfaction” with audio feedback compared to text only. Interviews showed that:

  1. “Audio feedback was perceived to be more effective than text-based feedback for conveying nuance;

  2. Audio feedback was associated with feelings of increased involvement and enhanced learning community interactions;

  3. Audio feedback was associated with increased retention of content; and

  4. Audio feedback was associated with the perception that the instructor cared more about the student.

Document analysis revealed that students were three times more likely to apply content for which audio commenting was provided in class projects than was the case for content for which text based commenting was provided.”

So it’s a great feature to keep promoting!

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