Join LEaDER on Wednesday 30th October

LEaDER lectures and seminars: To inform and inspire


Join us for an afternoon presented by leading experts in educational research and innovation.


Workshop: Writing and publishing REF papers from pedagogic research with Professor Debby Cotton – 2.15pm – 3.45pm, C307, Tait Building

This session will provide participants with an opportunity to explore the structure of academic papers, and analyse academic writing; identify appropriate dissemination outlets for educational/ pedagogic research, and help understand the grading process for the Research Evaluation Framework (REF). During the workshop you will explore what it means to produce a ‘three star’ paper, and consider – in the context of your own research project – how you could enhance the quality of your publications. The workshop will also offer some tips for choosing journals and assessing their quality; and engage participants in a discussion of strategies for coping with differing reviewer feedback.

Refreshments – 3.45pm – 4.15pm

Lecture: Daring to be Different – Innovations in Simulation with Professor Kerry Reid Searl – 4.15pm – 6pm, C309, Tait Building

Professor Reid-Searl will present her innovative work around simulation focusing on the techniques of Mask Ed and Pup Ed. These approaches to simulation focus on patient centred care and provide learners with the most realistic and humanistic simulation experiences whilst still in the context of a classroom. The presentation will not only include an explanation of the pedagogy but will also provide a demonstration of the techniques. These approaches to simulation are now being taken up by educators world wide and as research confirms, they make a difference to the learner experience.

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