Let’s Get Active – in January 2020, with 12 new DALI Pods, more whiteboard space and lecture capture comes to the seminar room


The Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI) project, spent the winter obtaining feedback from staff on their experiences of teaching in B200 and Franklin, thanks to all staff who contributed. We are thrilled to tell you that by the end of January, 12 more teaching spaces have been reviewed. All of these learning spaces (seminar, small lecture rooms and PC lab) now have lecture capture added, in addition to the standard DALI upgrade. So we hope that you can book those spaces for your teaching and let us know how your teaching goes.

A whistle-stop tour of the spaces that have been enhanced

Students are looking for interaction in learning spaces. At City, we have a greatly underused resource for interactive learning: the walls and vertical spaces. When refurbishing existing spaces or designing new ones, it is vital to view the walls as an interactive learning resource. One of our flagship venues, B200 has had its audiovisual technology for teaching and events upgraded including the projection screen. An additional whiteboard is also installed to help create a writing space for lecturers and students.

In B200 staff are advised to use a lapel microphone in B200, for voice amplification and to pick up audio for lecture capture. They can be booked in advance on Service Now and collected from the IT desk, E101 at Northampton Square. Please see the instructions.

In University three rooms have been updated, BM02, BM03 and BLG08, they all have flexible furniture and now are enhanced with lecture capture. In Tait the seminar room C321, which is a node chair room, is one of the first to have lecture capture added. CLG55 is deep in the lower ground floor and benefits from DALI, plus Lecture capture and is enhanced with acoustic panels.

In Franklin Building, on the first floor rooms include, R101 is the horseshoe lecture theatre, R102 lecture room, R103 node chair room and  R104 which has a new design for a City Meeting room with a PC integrated to the table, inputs for HDMI, USB and power and is set up for Skype / Teams meetings with a camera and soundbar. R201 is a large PC lab and has more and better repeater screens and will have lecture capture. R204 Is now dual projection which means that it makes it much easier for teaching staff to demonstrate different aspects of their teaching, for instance, one display could have the session slides whilst the other could include a demonstration of the visualiser or a social media blog/feed from the students. Either way, staff have a bit more flexibility in terms of how they can use visual content to engage their students.

DALI moving forward, Summer 2020 will bring improvements to the Great Hall and over the year another 45 learning spaces and meeting rooms will be updated by DALI across the University.

University rooms by building: Please note the images of rooms on the University website may not have been updated at the release date of this blog.

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