Calling all lecture capture users!

Last month we discussed two papers about lecture capture at the LEaDER Journal club and you can read a summary of the discussion on the journal club blog. One of the papers was by Emily Nordmann from the University of Glasgow who is working on a new study looking at attitudes to lecture recordings and is looking for participants. Please see the request below:

If you teach university lectures then Emily and her colleagues would like to invite you to participate in a new collaborative study between the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh looking at attitudes to lecture recordings and how they relate to broader conceptions of teaching and learning. You can be at any career stage and you do not need to record your lectures or have recording capability at your institution to take part. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed by visiting Emily would also greatly if you could share this invitation with colleagues at your institution or social networks as they would like to get a broad range of responses.

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