Lecture Capture Access – grows in smaller spaces

Lecture Capture will appear in many more spaces from September 2020 – when most of the DALI learning spaces between 30 to 55 capacity will be lecture capture enabled.

This is in addition to all spaces that are 60 plus. Overall we will have moved from 57 spaces in September 2019 to 100 spaces from September 2020. The Franklin Building will be 100% lecture capture from May 2020.

This is in response to staff interest in using the service for smaller groups e.g. postgraduate studies and students increased use of the existing service for learning and revision.

For planning purposes, from September 2020 there will be considerably wider cover for lecture capture in seminar rooms, lecture rooms, PC labs and lecture theatres at all sizes.

If you would like to have the option to capture some of your teaching next academic year, then now is the time to let your school¬†timetabling representative know, as next years timetable is currently being constructed. You don’t need to book the captures until September 2020.

For more information on using ¬†lecture capture you can visit LEaD’s online guidance pages, or book in to a LEaD staff workshop or drop in on the topic and of course download our Lecture capture top tips infographic guide.

LEaD also provide advice for students on the best use of lecture capture and all of our Educational Technologies

Top Tips for lecture capture
Top Tips for lecture capture, click to download LEaD’s infographic guide


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