What Type of Learning Spaces Should We Design for our Students? Update

With reference to this blog from earlier in the year – https://blogs.city.ac.uk/learningatcity/2020/01/13/what-type-of-learning-spaces-should-we-design-for-our-students/#.XqqzXy-ZPOQ

It seems appropriate to add that with the current Covid-19 crisis, higher education is facing an enormous challenge in how to respond to the situation and how to adapt to an uncertain future. One strategic approach is to think about what is important for the learning and development of our students and then decide how best to deliver that experience. Perhaps a mixed mode of delivery, with a combination of online delivery and interaction blended with on-campus activities that may one day be possible, with whatever restrictions are set in place. Maybe the days of large group teaching in tightly packed lecture theatres are over?! Who knows.

There will more to discuss here soon.



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