Expert tips for getting and keeping a good connection to the internet

You may need tinfoil, an ethernet cable and curtains plus a DVD player.

While we are all studying or working online from home, it pays to spend some time finding out how to get and keep a good connection to the internet. This selection of tips is gathered from various sources, including OFCOM, WikiHow, The Telegraph Newspaper, Which Magazine and City’s Educational Technology Guidance site.

If you have assignment submission worries – go straight to point 6

1. Short term fix?  Use your phone to connect your computer or tablet to the Internet

Transfer internet access from your phone to your laptop using WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB the guidance shows three ways to do this, by wikiHow.

2. Learn how to check and improve broadband speeds and wireless connectivity

Take these practical steps  from OFCOM to improve the speed and performance of your broadband service.

To check your Broadband Speed use the broadband test tool on the Which website.

3. Are you getting the most out of your wireless reception?  

Follow these tips from wikiHow to improve your reception.

And check how many devices are online at the same time, including streaming TV channels, see who is online and ask them to switch off for a while (or put a DVD on)  if you need to upload an assignment or join a webinar or online meeting.

Turn the Microwave off and other electronic devices as they may interfere, this guide from the Telegraph explains.

4 Think about a wired connection to the router

Need to upload large files such as video and multimedia?  If you are working with large files, then a wired connection to your router can help, use an Ethernet cable connection direct to your router for a faster transfer. You will need a cable and you may also need an adapter for your laptop. The wikiHow guide takes you through the set up.

5 More on Video and Multimedia files

Need to shrink a video file? Made a large video file in Kaltura and need to find it on your computer?  Try looking in the application folder to find and copy your original recording and use handbrake to reduce the size. These links to the educational technology guidance show you how step by step.

How to Use Handbrake to squash you file size down before uploading

How to Find and copy your original Kaltura recording

6 Assessment submission worries – Mobile phone work arounds

Please note this information is directed at City Staff and Students and is an overview of possible routes for reference and is not prescribed unless an issue submitting an assignment has been encountered and reported. 

Having issues submitting an assignment?

  1. Contact your course office and find out your best alternative route and check if you need to request an extension
  2. Is it a City service technical issue or an internet connection issue? check for Moodle messages
  3. Contact the IT Helpdesk – please take a screen shot of any on screen messages or progress bars e.g. on video upload and note time of day.

Common solutions are as follows and will be advised for each individual:

  • Student emails a document to the course office who can then download the submission
  • Student uploads a document to their City One Drive and then sends an email link to the course office who can then download the submission.

If a Mobile Device Route is required, then here are some mobile network options you can try.

Tether your phone to your computer or tablet to provide an internet connection, follow this Guide to tethering your android phone

Transfer your assignment to a Mobile phone (by memory card or airdrop, blue tooth or printing it out & scanning it with the phone camera)  then save as a PDF, add to your One Drive and upload to Moodle or send a link by email. Follow the Student Guidance on Scanning Assignments and Submitting to Moodle

You can upload to Moodle from One Drive using any mobile browser and / or send a link from One Drive to a City email as directed by your course office.

Mobile to another Mobile, if no other option, you can photograph your work on the computer screen using a scanning app and create a PDF and then text direct to a University mobile number or email address. Follow the Student Guidance on Scanning Assignments using Office Lens


For the latest advice on preparing for online assessments and making the most of your studies, visit the Guidance for Students on the City Student Hub, prepared by the ALS team at City.




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