Developing First Aid Skills Online

HS1925 Practice 1: Foundations in Nursing Care

Developing first aid skills

What the academics did: Usually a practical element of the course. The academics used the Moodle lesson activity and Moodle quiz to create interactive resources for students. In total 6 activities and 9 resources were created. Students were told the whole section would take around 4 hours (6 hours maximum) to complete and they were given 3 weeks to complete it. They were expected to complete the activities in order. Reports on Moodle were used to identify if students had completed the activities and a Q&A forum was used to get feedback from students on the activities.

1. Narrated PowerPoint (Present)

Welcome presentation (4.35mins long)
Goes through the organsiation and content of activities.
Tells students that the whole section will take around 4 hrs (maximum 6 hours)

Course welcome presentation Course welcome presentation

2. Lesson activity (Apply and review)
6 minute video followed by quiz questions

Lesson activity in Moodle Lesson activity in Moodle

Presentation and links to reading followed by Quiz activity (Present, apply, review)

Students are provided with links to the legislation and are then required to take a quiz to apply and review their knowledge on the key bits of legislation.

Reading on HS1925 Links to reading followed by quiz questions

4. Instructional video (Present and apply)

Short (6.45min) home made video to demonstrate practical skills for students to try out at home.

Instructional video Instructional video

5. Scenarios –
using the lesson activity (which allows branching) (Apply and Review)
Students are given a 2.33min introduction with instructions. They required to select three First Aid scenarios (out of a total of 9)
They note down their answers and get instant feedback on their analysis of the condition and suggested treatment.

Scenario activity in Moodle lessonlesson Scenario activity in Moodle lesson


6. Build a first aid kit exercise (Present, apply, review)
Students are required to use the online resources to find out what equipment a workplace first aid kit should contain. They then apply this knowledge to build their own kit online using the Moodle feedback activity. Students receive instant feedback on whether their choices were correct or incorrect.

7. Video resources (Present)
Students are provided with several YouTube video resources created by the Red Cross.

Video resources YouTube video resources


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